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Jump Sky High

Vertical jump is an excellent exercisedone by many who desire to enhance the agility and strength of theirlegs and hips. Many professional basketball players became who theyare by exercising vertical jumps regularly. This way, they made itpossible to jump higher than most people can, performing thoseincredible slam dunks we all watched without even blinking.Nevertheless, in order to achieve the maximum effect from thisexercise, you need to practice it regularly and thoroughly. As, it isthe case with many physical exercises, it takes a lot of hard workbefore you get to enjoy many of the positive effects. Therefore, onceyou start practicing, jump and train your muscles as much as you can,pushing your self beyond your limits, achieving the best results thisway.

Several Vertical Jump Workout Programs

Firstly, even though pushingyour muscles over their limits is the key, you do not want to pushthem too hard and cause injuries. Thus, make sure you never start youexercising without stretching and warming up beforehand. Also, duringthe workout, make sure you do not overdo it excessively. You need togo a bit further than your limits allow, but you need to be carefulnot to get hurt.

Now, as far as the exercises areconcerned, you might consider starting with your legs low down andjumping forward instead of vertically. You can repeat these jumps 20times per series. Again, in order to protect yourself from injury, dothis while having a flat terrain under your feet.

Next, rhythm is very important for yourjumping coordination. So, use it to your advantage. Start from acrouching position and jump as vertically high as you can, keepingyour hands raised. After the jump, return to the initial position andrepeat by following certain rhythmic patterns. Again, 20 repetitionsin two series will be enough.

You might introduce a higher standingpoint onto which you will jump after performing the previousexercise. Also, you may modify these patters by trying to bend yourknees while in jump. These all are possible variations made fordifferent series of your vertical jump workout session.

Alternatively, you might considerjumping from a squat position back into it. Moreover, you may makesquats a part of your exercise program since they are very useful fordeveloping all the muscles you need for the vertical jump.

If you are training for basketballefficiency, you might stand under the basketball rim and try to jumpas high as you can, until you can easily grab it. Finally, a jumpingrope may prove to be an effective addition to your training, as italso strengthens your legs significantly, improving theircoordination at the same time.

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