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Jumping on trampoline is a fun entertainment that nevertheless provides numerous health benefits. Researches coducted by NASA scientists have shown that trampolining is 68% more efficient than jogging. In addition, trampolining allow equal development of all body muscles such as weightlifting but with much less risk from injury or over-exhaustion.

General trampoline benefits

Trampolining activates the whole body. Trampoline exercises strengthen muscles especially strains the leg, stomach and lower back muscles. Besides relaxing jumps into the air, which are ideal for relief from stress and running in place on trampoline, which is good for caloric expenditure, trampoline also can be used in prevention and rehabilitation purposes.

Jumping on trampoline has the most influence on the balance development. The person who jumps tries to concentrate on jumping on one place on trampoline which includes balancing all muscles and parts of the body since trampoline is designed that balance is very difficult to maintain.

In order to maintain the balance mentioned above and to perform a jumping shapes good coordination of limbs is required. This means that regular trampoline exercise improves coordination between the arms, legs and other body parts.

Trampolining positively effect on bilateral motor skills improvement, which involves simultaneously activation of both sides of the body and brain while the jumper is trying to balance and maintain a certain artistic figures.

Training on trampoline affects the acquisition of rhythm that is made in achieving the optimum level with minimal effort.

Trampoline health benefits

By trampoline bouncing joints become more elastic. That's why people who often jump on trampoline are able to survive the more serious falls without serious consequences.

There are people who simply are not born to be athletes. Even those people by trampolining can make certain figures and afford some kind of physical activity that will primarily have a positive effect on their health and thus raise their confidence.

As any other physical activity, jumping on trampoline, with much less effort strengthens muscles, speeds up the pulse and a positively effect on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Trampoline bouncing also positively affects bone development. Jumping make certain stress for bones increasing by this their resistance to stress. In this way bone density increases and reduces the risk of osteoporosis and fractures.

Given that the gravity affects lymph circulation, short-term weightlessness achieved by trampoline bouncing allows its improvement and releasing harmful substances.

Trampoline is designed to relieve the impact force to the body, while in the other sports that involve a solid surface it’s not the case.

In the end it may be concluded that trampoline jumping multiple contributions to the overall health and well shaped figure.

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