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Cardio training is a physical exercise that has a goal to improve the oxygen system. Another name for cardio training is “aerobic” which actually means “with oxygen” and refers to the use of oxygen in the body’s metabolic processes. Cardio training is therefore, great for the heart. This exercise raises the heart rate and keeps it elevated during the complete training. While the heart rate is elevated the metabolic rate increases and the body burns more calories. This is the only good way to get rid of the excessive fat. For example, a person burns 100 calories in 20 minutes of low-intensity workout compared to 160 calories in 10 minutes of high intensity training.
Benefits of cardio training
This kind of exercise strengthens the heart and the lungs while increasing the lung capacity. Cardio training also burns calories and helps to lose weight while effectively reducing the stress and promoting better sleeping. Cardio exercise increases blood circulation and overall energy levels. However, to get the most of the cardio workout, while never sacrificing the health, one should find out what is a maximum heart rate for each individual. To do that, one should simply subtract the exerciser's age from 226 for women or 220 for men. A targeted heart rate zone is cardio range proposed by the American Heart Association as the range for an optimum workout. This value represents 50% to 75% of the maximum heart rate for healthy people.
Great cardio exercises you can do
One can even do some great cardio exercises at home. Dancing around the house or vigorously cleaning the space is also beneficial for the body, but here are some simple exercises that are a great way to get the heart rate up in a short time.
Froggy jumps are easy and fun exercise that starts by squatting down to the floor with the hands in front of the body. In an explosive jump, the body moves up in the air while the exerciser takes the hands behind the head. It is important to land with bent knees to prevent the injury. Repeat 10-20 froggy jumps in a single training.
Mountain Climbers is an advanced exercise that pumps the heart and adds intensity to home training. This exercise starts in a pushup position, and then the exerciser brings the left knee up to the chest, resting the foot on the floor. The exercise is performed by jumping and switching the feet in the air, bringing the right foot in and the left foot back. This exercise is performed anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

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