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Trampolines are a lot of fun, but they also provide manyhealth benefits for children and adults.

Physical benefits are various and they include a veryefficient cardiovascular workout which provides an increased heart rate and animportant workout for the heart. Jumping on a trampoline strengthens themuscles of the feet and all the muscles up to the stomach muscles. These twohealth benefits combine for a powerful mixture that is very efficient in losingweight. Strengthening of the muscles increases the metabolism and speeds up theburning of fat, while the cardiovascular workout helps in burning calories muchfaster and more efficiently. The muscles also get more flexible by constantmotion of jumping on a trampoline.

Jumping on a trampoline is also very beneficial for increasingthe density of the bones and preventing fractures and the development ofosteoporosis. It is also very efficient in reducing the risk of arthritis andthe pain of arthritic joints because it improves the functioning of tendons,joints and ligaments. Jumping on a trampoline requires advanced balancingskills.

The floor is in constant motion and the jumpers quickly become aware oftheir center of gravity. As one gradually develops and improved sense ofcoordination of balance, the chances are that these skills may come in veryhandy in various other physical and non-physical activities. Trampoline jumpingalso makes a person improve the posture. When a person jumps on a trampoline,both sides of the body must work closely with both sides of the brain in orderto maintain balance and coordination. So the jumping increases one’s motorskills and the bilateral functions of the brain.

Jumping on a trampoline can also provide certain educationalbenefits for children and adults alike. It improves the learning skills in achild by making them learn to control bodily movements.

Regular use of the trampolineimproves academic success in children and teaches them coordination and musclecontrol. A child will improve self esteem and gain confidence through themastering of new skills on the trampoline. It also provides a child with abetter self image. Jumping on a trampoline is also very efficient in teachingpersistence to a child through numerous failures in mastering different skills.Children must always be supervised when using a trampoline because they may getinjured. Bouncing off the trampoline can be avoided by a netted cage.

A small trampoline called a rebounder shares many benefits ofits larger counterpart.

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