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Trampoline is a device made of a big surface of elastic rubber connected and secured to a strong frame with coiled springs. People bounce on this device for recreational, competitive or entertainment purposes. There are two major types of trampolines, large ones and smaller ones, called mini trampolines. Naturally, the two types vary in sizes, the former one being up to 16 feet wide in diameter and the latter one being up to 3 feet wide in diameter. The mini trampolines are very popular due to the fact that they can be used in people's backyards or in any other places. Trampolines can be used for fitness and recreation through numerous exercises which can be implemented into your bouncing sessions. Exercises on a Mini Trampoline

Before you start working out on your trampoline, make sure you prepare your body for it, through a regular warm-up session and proper stretching.

The first exercise you might perform on your mini trampoline is, believe it or not, jogging. Even though many people consider this strange, jogging on a trampoline is fun and very beneficial for your body fitness. Start with one foot jumps and increase the speed and balance as you get more used to it.

You can also perform jumping jacks or jump creatively for that manner, raising your knees, twisting, turning and performing other such movements. Alternatively, you can bend your knees at a shoulder width and jump from this position, with your hands on your hips. Do this slowly and increase the intensity as you progress.

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Transferring your weight from one foot to another is a great way of making your trampoline workouts even more fun.

Alternatively, you can twist your body, landing on the opposite side with each jump you make, combining the landing positions and creating your own exercise routines. Also, you can perform hamstring curls during your jumps, moving your legs backwards so that the feet touch your buttocks. You can count, do these exercises in sets or focus on intensity. That is the greatest aspect of trampoline exercising – you can be creative and productive while staying healthy and fit through the activities you perform.

Trampoline Exercises and Your Health

The main focus of trampoline exercises is allowing your body to get in a state of good cardio workout. It engages your body as a whole, promoting weight loss and development of muscles. Also, bouncing improves your digestive system. All in all, benefits are many, packed in a single device. So, get one and enjoy it yourself.

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