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It is obvious that there are so many different types ofworkout originating from the cardio workout and muscle building. Also, there arethose types of workout specific for certain sports activity. For example, mostof the athletes use plyometric type of workout. What are basic plyometricexercises facts?


This interesting type of workout is great for inducing themaximum power in the shortest time possible. Three basic gains with this typeof workout are increased power, speed and strength. These exercises are hardand might not be something that a complete beginner would use. It is a trainingschedule used by athletes and it definitely is a difficult one. The good thing isthat there are many plyometric exercises that can be performed at home, soanyone can try it out.

Examples of plyo

There is an interesting form of push ups that can be includedin plyometric exercises and that is a clap push up. Basically, it is done thesame way as a regular push up, but a lot faster, which enables us to clap hands at least once, while the body is moving upward. There is also burpee as one ofthe harder exercise, which includes falling into a push up position fromstanding position, and then doing a push up, of course. Plyometric exercisesinclude all sorts of jumps, side jumps, jump rope, double knee jump etc.

Stretch reflex is enhanced with the plyometric exercises.This type of workout also helps with easier absorption of the shock. This isgood for increasing the strength of the joints and their elements.

What else?

It is obvious that with the help of exercises (regardless of the type) fat will be lost with muscle mass increasing. But if that is nothappening so easily, a good diet is always necessary, especially if thetraining session is hard and we need to insert enough energy in order toreplenish the energy spent. This is why it is not so easy to create a goodmenu, because it is not so easy to determine the precise amount of energy lostduring exercises. Before starting any diet and exercise schedule, it might bea good idea to do some consultation with a fitness instructor, perhaps even adoctor. Plyometric exercises can be very difficult and it should be good todetermine the physical state and then to create some workout plan.

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