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What are Jumping Jacks?

Jumping jacks are an excellent exercisefor all those who want a good warm up, even though this can serve asa main exercise as well. Simple in nature, involving a series ofquick and energetic jumps, jumping jack gets you in shape and provideworkout for your legs, abs, shoulders, back and other body parts.Therefore, these are the necessary part of many people's physicalactivity plans. Nevertheless, even though this exercise is easy to bedone, you still need to know the right way to perform it, avoidinginjuries or any possible problems. Thus, the following article willbe dedicated to jumping jacks, their performing and their variousbenefits.

How To Perform Jumping Jacks?

First of all, you should warm up bystretching and using some of various techniques made for thesepurposes. Then, once you are ready, you can start performing jumpingjacks. The initial position involves you standing with your feet andlegs next to each other and your arms resting on your sides. Then,you are to jump in one place, spreading your hands sideways, wideabove your head, while, at the same time spreading your legs in thesame, sideways manner. Before you reach the ground again, you are toreturn to the initial position and perform the following jump as soonas possible. Make sure you do not clap your hands once they reacheach other above your head, since this can result in shoulder injury.Also, as far as stretching the limbs wide, do not overdo it and stopspreading your arms and legs at the point you stop feelingcomfortable.

During the whole jumping jacks session,you are advised to keep your body, abdominal and back part straightboth while jumping and while landing. This will reduce chances forinjury or inappropriate performance of the exercise itself,maximizing the effectiveness. Alternatively, if you desire to move itup a notch, you can bend your upper body and touch your toes eachtime you land between jumps. Finally, 10 minutes of this exercise ismore than enough.

Why Jumping Jacks?

This exercise has numerous differentbenefits. It is a form of cardiovascular exercise, increasing yourmetabolism and boosting your strength as well as stamina. Thereby, byperforming this exercise regularly, you will be capable of achievingmore through the rest of your workout program since jumping jack formmore than an adequate foundation. That being said, warm up, dojumping jacks, and then do everything else your exercise routineconsists of.

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