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When it comes to losing weight, it can freely be said that people are prepared to do everything. The problem is that everything might not be so effective as the plain old dieting and exercising. But from time to time it is always good to try something new and interesting. Some of those new approaches might prove to be very effective and create impressive results.

The new school

Is an exercise trampoline worth the hype? This type of workout should definitely be tried, not because it might or might not burn a lot of calories, but because it really relaxes and, yes, it is a very fun activity. So what is this workout based on? Well, jumping, obviously. There is not much else that can be done on the trampoline, so that is it. Of course, in the beginning of the session, nothing more than slight jumps are performed in order for a practitioner to get used to the trampoline, to feel it under the feet and to understand how it affects the entire body. After that, a practitioner might try several exercises that actually resemble those done on the hard floor. For example, a sort of spot jogging can be done, with raising knees as much as possible. This is also great for strengthening the core (the abdominal and corresponding back area).

After that, side jumps can be done with rotating the torso. It can be said that almost everything done on the trampoline is nothing but pure cardio and that is excellent thing for those dealing with excessive fat tissue. It is important to say that some additional strength is always needed while on trampoline. This is because balance has to be kept all the time while bouncing up all around (something similar to exercising with the pilates ball). This additional effort is something that also burns calories and therefore, it is great for a practitioner.

The old school

Other workout types are not important now. However, it is important to combine trampoline workout with some normal and healthy eating. Yes, this means having a lot of small portion meals a day; those made of fruits, veggies, fish, poultry. Two things have to be considered here - the amount of calories allowed in a day and ratio of the nutrients that create that allowed number of calories. With this set and intensive trampoline workout, those nasty pounds are bound to melt down! All that is needed is some effort, patience and strength of will. Nothing more, nothing less.

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