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Information on Beetroot

Beetroot is well known for its numerous health benefits. Itcan be purchased virtually anywhere and it is one of those types of vegetableswhich actually provide much more than their price value may suggest. It isscientifically proven fact that all different types of vegetables and fruitswho have a vivid color actually protect the human body from the free radicalsand the damage they cause.

The scarlet color that characterizes the beetrootactually comes from two pigments called betacyanin and betaxanthin. They areknown for having very potent antioxidant and phytochemical properties.

Beetrootalso contains certain types of nutrients called carnitine and betaine which arevery efficient in enhancing the functioning of the chemical processes in thehuman body such as cellular reproduction and the functioning of the liver.Beetroot is also beneficial in aiding the human body in the process ofconverting fats into energy.

Beetroot Nutrition Facts

A serving of 100 grams of beetroot contains 43 calories, 3percent of zinc, 9.56 grams of carbohydrates, 3 percent of sodium, 6.76 gramsof sugar, 7 percent of potassium, 0.17 grams of fat, 6 percent of phosphorus,2.8 grams of dietary fiber, 6 percent of magnesium, 1.61 grams of protein, 6percent of iron, 2 percent of vitamin B1, 2 percent of iron, 3 percent ofvitamin B2, 8 percent of vitamin C, 2 percent of vitamin B3, 27 percent ofvitamin B, 3 percent of panthothenic acid, and 8 percent of vitamin C. Beetrootdoes not contain vitamin A at all.

Beetroot Health Benefits

Beetroot can be of great help for all those who suffer fromanemia because it is one of the most beneficial blood building types of food.Since it is very rich in iron it is very efficient when it comes to theregeneration and reactivation of the red blood cells and proper oxygen supplyto all the organs and tissues in the human body.

Beetroot is efficient inpreventing numerous cardiovascular problems and reducing high blood pressure.Beetroot is also of great help when it comes to the detoxification of the bodyand the cleansing of certain organs such as the kidneys, gall bladder and theliver. Beetroot juice is an efficient solvent for inorganic calcium depositswhich may sometimes harden the arteries and lead to a medical condition knownas atherosclerosis.

Beetroot can also be of great help when it comes to theprevention and treatment of constipation, bowel problems and certain types ofcancer. It is also efficient in the prevention and treatment of acidosis,dandruff, gastric ulcer, varicose veins, gall bladder diseases, birth defects, kidneydiseases, heart diseases, gout, bile problems and liver diseases.

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