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When exercising, it isvery important to set some goals in front of oneself. This is because if we areinterested in some long-term results, those results are achieved a lot easierif there is some effective schedule and planning involved. For a beginner it isimportant to know what kind of muscles are desired and then to work out towardsthat goal. There are two basic types of workout and we might add a third hybridtype, which is becoming more and more popular lately.

What are workout types?

First type includescardio exercises and it is an excellent type for a fat burning process, ideallyfor those who are fighting obesity and an excellent complement to a dietingprocess. Those exercises include running, aerobic, yoga, swimming etc.Actually, those are all exercises that need low level of strength and enduranceand thus can be performed for a long period or with a high number of sets andreps. Usually, there is no additional weight included, but if it is, it is low.Second type is all about increasing the muscle mass. Of course, additionalweight is needed here although, if it is done at home, additional weight is notneeded that much (various forms of pushups will do the trick). In order toprogress with this type of workout, weight has to increase over time whendifficulty with the exercise is reduced. The third type would include a bit of both mentioned methods and isworking towards the overall improved physical state of the body.

Muscle groups

Defining muscle groupsis essential when it comes to the second type of workout, although it is alsopresent in other two groups. People usually want to produce as much effect aspossible, and when it comes to men, large biceps are very important and toachieve that, barbell curl has to be done. So, what are the barbell curl facts?Since it is an exercise that is done in a standing position, it is importantfor a posture to be proper. This means no bending forward or backward duringexercise is allowed, backbone has to be firm and stable. This will ensure thatwe are using only arms for the exercise. Also, position of the upper arm, wherebiceps is located, also has to be fixed. The only parts that are moving arelower arm parts. Fixed positions of the body and arms are required for inducingthe highest effect in muscles. Try moving a bit and surrounding muscles willget activated reducing the tension in biceps, and that is something we want toavoid while performing barbell curls.

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