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It is really not a very important to build up biceps immediatelyif you are a beginner in the gym. The problem with this muscle is that it isbig and can be bulked up relatively easy, but many simply neglect other musclesin the process and that is where the problems start. Strong biceps is not enoughfor a person to get on the next level and that is where the disappointment kicks inand where some simply give up.


The biceps is a two-headed giant on our arms and as such it doesdeserve a lot of attention, but it also has to be followed with strengthening of othermuscles in the area and in the entire body. Exercises that most of us do whenit comes to biceps include the use of dumbbells and barbells, and they can be done in asitting or a standing position. Actually, barbell requires only standing. What has to be known about the biceps curls is that the pointof the exercise is that the body has to be straight with no bending or leaningforward or back. Weight in the hands should be pulled only by using biceps andnothing else. Elbows might not be looking for help in torso, and the entire exercisecould be done slowly for the best effect.

It is said that performing low number of reps, while theweight is at maximum or near maximum, is an excellent technique for increasing mass,a bulking effect. Medium weight with the increased reps number is great for muscle toning, while the lowest weight with as many reps as possible is great for slim butalso strong muscles. One hand dumbbell curl is also very interesting exercise, which is more or less similar to the previous exercise with one slight difference - theentire weight is held with one hand only and it creates an additional pressure onthe joints for maintaining the proper positions. These two are basic techniques and there are several variations, but those should be done only when the primary steps are done.

Diet and supplement

It is also very important to be on a diet. Simply explained,biceps need a lot of good and nutrient food in order to be full of energy, which is needed to overcome the weight. Also, the supplements should and must be used.Simply put, you cannot reach the limits of your biceps without some additionalhelp. As previously said, besides biceps, other muscles should be developed, too. Itmight be a bit pointless to have the most desirable arms and belly fat too.

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