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Exercising can be divided into two basic types. First one isa cardio workout, which is great for those people who really need to get rid ofthe extra fat and who want a fit body with lean muscles. This is somethingmost of the women desire, but of course, should be done by men too. Examples ofexercises are running, aerobics, swimming etc. The other type is all aboutbulked up effect, which is actually increased muscle mass.

Muscle mass

Building muscle mass must be done with using additionalweight. Even though it can be done with the help of the body's weight only (pushups, for example), it is much easier, faster and more effective when using dumbbellsand barbell. Also, at some point, the weight has to be increased, because the organism becomes used to a certain exercises and the physical stressit carries. The weight is not so difficult to lift so it has to be increased. Thismeans that by focusing on one certain muscle group increased musclemass of specific body areas. Most common areas that are building up with musclemass are arms, quads, pectoral area and back.

When it comes to arms, there are several subareas thatshould be mentioned. Those are triceps, biceps, deltoid and lower arm. Bicep iscommonly worked out among the first areas. This is probably because of itslargeness, which is visible. But another muscle should be focused too, and that isdeltoid muscle. This muscle is important because when it becomes larger,shoulders become wider too. It can be said that it is the most important musclewhen it comes to shoulder width. Along with back muscle, latissimus dorsi, itdetermines the overall width of the back.

Exercising deltoid area

One of the exercises that should be done for increasing themuscle mass of deltoid muscles is seated barbell press. It is done as aclassic bench press, but the practitioner is seated, not in horizontal positionand that shifts focus from pectoral area to shoulders and triceps too. This canbe done with the use of dumbbells instead of barbell, and it is called seateddumbbell press. Side lateral raises must also be performed, which is done instanding position with dumbbells. Dumbbells are in hands and they are raisedaside with the help of deltoid muscles.

To increase the effectiveness of these exercises, someadditional help is needed in a form of supplements (muscle mass gainers, energyboosters, muscle recovery products etc.).

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