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No Muscles without Shoulder MusclesIf you are into working out and have a desire to build prominent muscles, you probably know how exercise diversity is important for the overall effectiveness of your workout routine. Thus, you need to combine many different physical activities in order to tone every muscle on your body adequately. Many times, however, people neglect their shoulders, concentrating solely on their biceps or some other, more prominent muscles. However, having strong shoulders is the key for any further development of your musculature. Therefore, you need to include shoulder workout into your own regime.

The Shoulder Press ExercisesShoulder press is the best possible type of workout for toning this part of your body. There are several different methods regarding these activities. Thus, read on and start implementing the following exercises into your workout schedule.

The first exercise involves you taking two dumbbells and placing them in front of you, while keeping your arms straight. Then, you are to lift the dumbbells up over your head, without locking your elbows or touching them altogether. Once achieving this, you are to return to the initial position slowly, and repeat this exercise again.

The second exercise will need you to stand with your legs at your shoulders width, bent in the knees. Then, after contracting your abdominal muscles and relaxing your chest, with a dumbbell in each hand, you are to lift them above your shoulder level. You can stop when you start feeling tension in the shoulder muscles. However, do not go overboard and straighten your arms at the elbows completely. Once this is done, return to the initial position.The next one is quite easy and simple. You are to take two dumbbells and press them high above your head. Make sure you exhale while you are pressing the dumbbells and inhale while you are doing the opposite movement. Rest for a short period before repeating.

The following exercises involve using a barbell. Namely, while sitting straight, you are to take a barbell, lift it high above your head and lower it behind your neck, before raising it back up. Alternatively, you can press the barbell while standing up. Then, you will raise it overhead, letting it rest on your chest, in its initial position, beforehand.

Finally, you might opt for a shoulder exercise machine in your gym. Here, you need to make sure your handles are matching your shoulders and your back is fully supported by the seat. Once you have done this, extend your arm while exercising, but make sure you do not lock them at shoulders or go overboard. Alternatively, you can press the machine overhead until you reach the very limit of your arms length. Then, slowly and carefully, return back to the first position.

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