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Excellent Cardio Workout

Water aerobics are some of the bestworkouts available for making you fit, burning your extra caloriesand keeping you healthy by speeding up your metabolism. Moreover,this is a very versatile field of exercising since there are manypossible exercises due to an abundance of creative water aerobicinstructors. Some of the best and most productive exercises will bementioned below. Thus, give the following lines a good reading if youare to get the most out of your water aerobic exercise routine.

Water Aerobics Activities

One of the best activities for yourlegs, which can be done in shallow pools as well is taking a waternoodle and placing between your legs, holding it with your hands,spinning your legs backwards and forwards maintaining yourself abovethe water or moving around. This is a very good warm-up activity aswell.

Next, you might perform arm circleswhile your legs are still doing the cycling motions. Alternatively,you might add jumping jacks and cross country ski exercises into thisgroup, making it a powerful warm-up, performing all of these for awhile. Naturally, all of these are performed while your limbs areunderwater. Another useful variation involves having your legs in across country skiing position, swapping their places, having oneforward and the other behind you interchangeably, while, at the sametime, you are to move your arms up and down on the sides of yourbody, with your fingers set wide apart, for more water resistance.This group of workouts is excellent for toning both the muscles onyour arm and those on your legs.

Now, the following exercise isexcellent for toning your leg muscles, especially quadriceps muscles.All you need to do is hold on to the noodle, having one of your legsfloating behind you, while the other is flexed and bent at the knee in front of you. Then, move the flexed leg behind violently, causing therest of your body to move, but not using any of your other limbs.Once doing this, return to the initial position and repeat untilswapping legs.

Speed can be extremely helpful duringyour water aerobics training. Namely, you might give a time limit forreaching a specific location by only cycling your feet or doing someother, separated exercises. Then, have a short break before repeatingthe procedure. Finally, do not lose time you have for resting.Rather, stretch and work your other muscles out, getting the best outof your effective water aerobics training.

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