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Weight training, proper diet and sufficient amount of rest are necessary ingredients if you want to build some muscles. These principles may look simple, but that’s all it takes to actually have the muscles, regardless of your gender.

However, women have different rate of metabolism than men and different body, as well and that makes muscle building harder for women. To build the muscles, women need to warm up properly before the exercise, concentrate on proper technique and form and then push themselves above the limits.

How Can a Woman Build Muscles?

First of all prepare to be disciplined and patient, because muscle building requires some time. You need to be consistent and perform good weight training every time you are in the gym and the results will be there. Personal trainer or someone to workout with can help you to achieve best results and keep you motivated. Also, you can motivate yourself, by watching some bodybuilding videos or pictures.

Female muscle building weight training is what you need to get some muscles, but remember that all exercises must be done in the right way and these should be right exercises for you as well. Muscle building requires heavier weights and fewer repetitions.

Trainers advise starting muscle building workout routine training 5 times per week. Every day you should build different muscles in the body, so the recommended course of action might be: chest, shoulder and triceps muscles on the first day and on the second high intensity cardio for some 20 minutes. On the third day you could exercise your back and biceps, day 4 could be reserved for abdominal muscles (abs) and on day 5 work out your legs.

Avoid overtraining and don’t combine intense weight training with cardio exercises such as cross trainer or treadmill, to allow your muscles to grow.

Women Muscle Supplements

Good diet will provide essential nutrients for muscle growth and recovery. You need to take plenty of proteins, so eat more lean meat, dairy products and beans, in order to assure 1.5g of proteins per 1 pound of your body weight.

Bodybuilding supplements may help women in the same way men use them. They can promote muscle growth, boost the energy when needed and help you reach your goals. Creatine is one of the most commonly used muscle supplements, since it is believed to help building some lean muscle mass. This substance exists naturally in the human body but in small quantities, so taking it in a supplemental form should be quite safe.

Women striving to gain some muscles may also use whey protein for this purpose. It should be used after hard muscle training and it will provide plenty of protein to refill your muscles and make them grow.

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