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It is important to exercise each day, as much as possible and as often as possible, since this is one of the essentials for having a healthy body, which will also create a healthy mind. When exercising, there are so many positive effects for the organism that it is illogical not to include some sort of physical activity in a daily schedule. It is obvious that most of the people do have a lot of obligations, but at least half an hour daily should be used for taking care of the body, since we use that same body our entire life.

Types of workout

There are several things that can be increased with physical activity. Those are muscle strength, muscle toning, overall shape and condition, endurance, speed, explosiveness etc. What will be increased actually depends on the practitioner and on what he or she prefers. Increased muscle strength is reached with using additional weight, while muscle toning is achieved with cardio workout (running, aerobics, low weight exercises etc.). Usually, people tend to either increase muscle mass (men usually) or to shape the body completely with creating lean muscles (cardio workout). Perhaps the best possible option is to combine these two types and create a perfect body.


For a body to reach the extreme state of physical readiness, it is essential to try all the possible options. This means that certain muscle mass has to be present, cardio workout should be applied too and also, endurance of the muscles should be at a high level. Muscle endurance workout is also very important when it comes to creating a perfect body. One of the most important exercises when it comes to muscle endurance is push ups. This exercise is performed without any additional weight but it can still be very challenging. For example, regular push ups are done with arms at the shoulder level, hands on the ground. Body is straight and the lower leverage is on the feet. Push ups can be done fast without reaching the top, or they can be done very slowly, with the pause when torso is at the top. Or, which is the best and most difficult option, those two forms can be combined. Also there are clap push ups, as one of the most difficult exercises. Push ups are done regularly, but the hands are clapped when torso is up. Also, there is reverse stand push up, which is very tricky because the entire weight is held with palms.

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