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Water is essential for the human health. We are made of watermostly and without drinking water for a couple of days, we would died. Most ofus goes to beachside at least once in a year, or want to have a water pool inthe backyard. Water can be used for more than drinking and relaxation, thereare many water aerobic routines that are effective when it comes to shapingand strengthening the body.


Basically, all motions that can be performed in waterhelp out by increasing the strength of the body and reducing the excessivefat tissue. Even though exercises performed in the water are cardio in nature, thereis still element of resistance training present. This resistance is made bywater and it literally affects the entire surface of the body. This means thatany motion performed needs additional amount of strength for subduing thatresistance, so some small amount of muscle mass is created. And when we look atcompetitive swimmers and water polo players, they are all bulked up. Thishappens after years and years of intensive and hard training in water. But, forthose who just want to shape the body and lose some weight, cardio workout ismore than enough.


Water aerobic routines are based on several basic routines.For example, there is jogging, which is one of the most common exercises usedfor weight loss out of water, but it can be equally effective in the water. Joggingcan be done in one spot, or it can be performed normally, if the feet aretouching the floor. Also, if the feet are not touching the floor, legs canperform bicycle motion, which is also quite effective. While feet are nottouching the floor, additional motion performed by arms is needed in order tokeep the head and torso above the water surface. If feet are touching thefloor, arms can perform exercises that are done in aerobics.

And of course, there is swimming, which is an exercise whichaffects the entire body. To perform swimming, all muscle groups must be active,with the focus on arms and legs because they move the body through water. Also,swimming and being in water significantly develops the respiratory system,which is one of the most positive effects that the water routine has for the healthstatus of the organism. It is also important to eat properly, because waterexercise will burn a lot of calories.

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