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Workout at home can be just as effective as gym workout. It is true that usually home environment cannot provide machines and devices offered in a gym, but the results can still be very impressive. So, what would be the workout types that can be performed at home?


Exercise bike workout, treadmill workout, elliptical trainer – these are all workout devices that can be used at home. Actually, each of these machines provides a lot when it comes to cardio type of workout. Cardio is all about prolonged exercising thanks to slow muscle contraction and presence of oxygen. This type of exercising creates lean muscles and a fit body, which means a lot of fat tissue can be eliminated like this. Cardio workout will develop heart, lungs and muscles and it is a great method for enhancing the health status of the organism.

The plan

Exercise bike workout is not only pushing the pedals as hard as possible. The most effective way to perform bike workout is to get the heart to work at about 70 percent of the maximum rate. Maximum rate can be roughly calculated by reducing the age from number 220. This is the best rate for the workout and it should make the metabolism burn more calories.

Using bike should be all about changing the tempo. This is very important because after couple of training sessions, the organism will need less energy if the tempo is always the same. This means that changes must be made in order to change the rate of metabolism, which will eventually end with additional fat loss. It would also be smart to implement some other exercises that will activate the muscles in a completely different way. For example, light dumbbell press can be performed after ten minutes of biking. If there are no dumbbells, push-ups are an excellent alternative. This other exercise should be something that involves torso and arms, since legs are constantly used while on a bike. Another interesting combination is triathlon, which includes running, swimming and riding a bike. Of course, this requires outdoor activities but it presents one of the most intensive and exerting workouts that create excellent results.

Riding a home bike can be done on a daily basis, even for more than just once. But it might be good to make a plan that would focus certain body areas each day. For example, riding a bike can be splashed with arms exercises only, or perhaps abdominal workout, or something similar. One training should be nothing but bike and all that is required in that case is, as already mentioned, constant change of tempo.

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