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Exercising today is something that is done by many people,regardless of age and gender. In the last couple of decades, exercising (includingbodybuilding) is not favorite physical activity of men only, but women are alsovery active. There are more and more women who participate in bodybuilding,body fitness and in general exercising. Actually, it can be said that becauseof the women, more and more men are entering gyms and starting to be physically active.


Basic rules that men use should be used by women too when itcomes to exercising. Beginners should start lightly, trying out all forms andworkout stations (if exercising is performed in a gym). Then goals must be set,and a type of workout that will help in reaching that goal. Cardio workout isgreat for slim and fit body with lean muscles. Strength workout can build upmuscles, increasing their mass (which happens in bodybuilding), and there is amiddle path (body fitness), which emphasizes both endurance and strength.

Diets and supplements

Women take care of eating more than men, and this means thatit might be easier for them to lose weight, if that is necessary in the exercisingprocess. To some point, it tells us that the mind is actually the best possibleinstrument for dealing with the excessive fat tissue, especially, when we knowthat rate of basal metabolism is somewhat faster in men and men should be ableto lose weight a bit faster than women.

As for diets, they must not be rigorous and with small totalvalue of calories allowed daily. This is because exercising is present and physical activity needs additional energy. If that is not gained throughfood or through fat tissue, protein depose will be depleted and muscle massreduced. This is not the goal we want to gain with exercising, and therefore, meals must be healthy and balanced.

As for supplements, those should be as natural as possible,since supplements usually affect several chemical reactions in the basalmetabolism. Some of the better choices when it comes to muscle buildingsupplements for women are based on Creatine Ethyl Ester with creatine as a mainingredient that has the most important role in muscle gain. Whatever chosen, it might be important to read the labelscarefully and perform medical examination, perhaps even allergy check, to seeif there are some substances that might cause an allergy reaction.

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