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When it comes to elimination of fat tissue, it can be freely said that women are much more concerned about it than men. Men are more into strong and big muscles, and if some fat is present, it is not such a big deal, at least not for them. But, attractiveness for women is all about lean and fit body, not about being strong. So, what would be some tips to lose extra pounds for women?Metabolism

It has to be said that pace of the metabolism for women is a bit slower than for men. This means that they might lose weight slower than men, which might have some relations to the fact that women are having monthly menstrual cycles, and also there is a pregnancy. These situations might require a steady pace of metabolism, without any spikes. Anyway, metabolism has to be activated and quickened because that is the best way to eliminate some of the fat tissue. So, how to achieve this?

Exercising is the first thing that should be tried out, but physical activity does not necessarily have to be related with daily exerting training sessions. It can be something completely different; for example, in office, or at home, if there are stairs, use them as much as possible. Going up the stairs is not an easy cardio exercise, and it does burn some calories. Also, walking should substitute driving the car or using public transportation as much as possible. And it is recommended to make it a brisk walk, not a slow one. There is a theory that says that at least 30 minutes of cardio workout is needed for a fat burning process to start, but there are some new ones that claim that sometimes performing several short workouts (about 15 minutes) daily should be even more effective.


When it comes to eating, it should also be changed and become something healthy, as much as possible. This means that fruits and veggies should be used in most of meals and also as snacks, whenever hunger is felt. Of course, this means there should be many meals in a day, 5 or 6, with decreased portion size. Also, water should be used often; it will eliminate the hunger and help the digestive tract in food processing.

With combining exercising and proper eating, fat will go down, but the point is that it must be healthy and safe for the organism. Any other option might do more harm than good.

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