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Body composition is a measurement that applies to the percentages of fat, bone and muscle mass in the body. This body composition index does not refer to your weight and height. What is really important is the constitution of your body - how much of your body is fat, and how much is muscle. So, this means that people with a same height and weight can look completely dissimilar and have a different body composition index.

Body Composition Analysis

Body composition varies on male men and women, and leans on the frame size, the weight and the height. The most usual method to examine the body composition is by utilizing a set of tools used for measuring body fat, which helps to scale the thickness of hypodermic fat in various body parts like arms, stomach, thighs and buttocks. Additional way to measure the body composition is hydrostatic weighting, or better known as underwater weighting. In this method, an individual is positioned in a specially designed water tub to determine the body fat percent. If more body fat is present, then the body floats and the less it weights in water. A good body fat level for a male is 8% to 17%, and a female 14% to 24%. High body fatl evel for women is around 32, and for man 25%.

Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

You should stick to exercises which can make you sweat a lot. Workouts that can help you burn a lot of calories are jumping with a jump rope, and elliptical trainer exercise. Jumping helps to burn countless calories for a short period of time. Furthermore, this exercise can help you to burn calories much faster than running. Elliptical machine drill is superb for losing weight fast, considering that on an elliptical trainer, use of both arms and legs is needed.

Exercises to Build Lean Muscles

If you want to build a muscle, best exercises for you are aerobics and swimming. Swimming has many benefits. For example, it is a great cardio workout, and also it is a good exercise for people suffering from injuries. If you swim regularly, it will help you to build muscles and improve your condition. Step aerobics exercises are fun exercises, which can also help in building muscles.

Workouts for Bodybuilding

If you want to build good looking muscles, then you should try the weight training workouts. It is significant that you concentrate on weight training for different muscle groups. Some of the weight training exercises include chin ups, press lifts, dead lifts, pull ups, etc.

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