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The Definition of Stress

Stress, being one of the most commontroubles of the modern man/woman, is a condition expressed throughgreat changes in our body. Namely, when exposed to incredible amountsof frustration and mental pressure, our brain interprets this as adangerous situation and, since it perceives our life as threatened,it engages our “fight or flight” mode, where numerous changesaffect our body in order to provide us with the strength andcapability to evade the dangers affecting us.

However, if these dangers and worrieswe feel stay within us for a longer time, we get to experience thenegative influences of stress, our health being jeopardized severely.This happens when we are troubled by problems in school, at work, orduring lack of money in order to pay the bills or lead a normal life.These, and similar situations are perceived as deadly by our brain,and it engages the fight or flight mode, even though we cannot diefrom being in debt, not literally, anyway. Regardless, due toprolonged exposure to stress hormones, our body gets damaged andprone to various dysfunctions and health issues.

Interestingly, different people finddifferent things stressful. As each and every person is unique, he or she experiences different stresses and their unique effects separately.

Symptoms of Stress

One of the first signs of stress ispain. It can be felt in the head, neck or back area. Additionally,sleep difficulties accompany us whenever we are stressed out. Due tothe hormonal changes in our body, we are prone to mood swings andirritability during these periods of stress influence. Musclesoreness is a common sign as well. In the long run, these symptomsevolve and escalate, causing severe health problems to the victim ofexcessive stress.

When we are exposed to stress andanxiety for a longer period of time, we may be prone to digestionproblems like abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea etc.Concentration issues are usually present as well, interfering withour memory and ability to be fully aware of the things happeningaround us. This makes us act irrationally and make wrong choices anddecisions.

During stressful periods, people areunable to relax and they are tensed most of the time, being irritatedby the slightest problems. Feeling lonely and isolated also goeshand-in-hand with being stressed out.

Of course, in the long run, stress cangive birth to heart, liver, kidney and many other problems. Moreover,it can cause cancer, affecting many different parts of your organism.

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