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Our brain is a truly remarkable structure over which we have minimal control. Speaking of stress, our brains, when exposed to negative or demanding stimuli, enter a process called “neuroplasticity”, where new neuron synaptic connections are created in order to deal with the situations in question. However, these connections are not always beneficial and quite often lead to physical anxiety.

Taking into consideration that most of us are exposed to quite stressful lifestyles daily, working under terrible conditions, spending our retirement not knowing whether we will have enough money for survival and parenting our children, knowing that they will be facing the same problems, we all are quite prone to stress, since our brains adapt negatively to the environment. Fortunately, the same process of making synaptic connections can be used for benign purposes.

Science and Art vs Stress

Nowadays, people direct more and more of their creativity towards fighting stress. Thus, we have video games which can be played during breaks at work being small and undemanding, yet very useful for relaxing and improving your power to avoid stressful exposure. For example, there is one video game which is quite popular, asking you to pick only smiley faces from the whole lot of mixed emotions. This way, you motivate you brain to focus on positive stimuli, rejecting stress, frustrations and nervousness altogether.

As for other aspects of human creativity, music is giving its best to help people deal with stress. Namely, there are many types of music which are made for relaxation and stress relief. Scientists have discovered that, if our ears are exposed to specific tones simultaneously, our brain hemispheres will be affected positively, bettering our brainwave activity and helping us get rid of stress.

Other Types of Modern Stress Medicine

Lately, people have created special video DVDs, which are combined with specific music recordings of streams, sunsets, beaches, fireplaces and other soothing imagery. These carefully selected combinations are great for relaxing yourself and for keeping stress at bay.

Stress relieving music, as scientists claim, needs to have certain qualities in order to be effective. Basically, it needs to have an ultra slow beat tempo, with a frequency restriction and without dominating rhythms or percussions. Also, subtle melody and pleasant rhythms are crucial. Furthermore, this music should be continual, leaving no empty aural space, depicting positive emotions, lacking jarring elements and delivering gradual changes when it comes to sound.

Finally, today, there are video game consoles which involve people physically and mentally, making them have fun by singing or dancing with each other. Playing digital sports is also an option, as well as many other scenarios which have shown themselves to be more than effective when it comes to stress relief.

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