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When Stress and Anxiety Strike

Living in today's modern world is noteasy. There are many troubles related to the tempo of life, since wehave never been so fast and productive before. With moderncommunication technologies, people are connected with each other allthe time, making demands more common and free time is almost a noun withdifferent meanings. In such a world, we, people, relax much harder.Rather, we are constantly exposed to stress. Depending on our mentalstrength, we may either allow tiny bits of it to motivate us duringthe achievement of our goals, or break under the excessive stresslevels, giving rise to anxiety which can make us feel disoriented anduncomfortable, to say the least. Namely, there are different symptomsof anxiety and stress, regarding the way these phenomenons manifeston people. Subsequently, there are different effects of theseconditions, some more serious than the others.

Common Symptoms of Anxiety and Stress

Increased heart rate is the first sign.This abrupt change often strikes us when we get exposed to stress oranxiety. Our heart starts beating in a manner we are not used to, andwe can therefore notice it clearly. Its beats can be too loud, tooslow or too fast. Also, other anomalies may be present. If thisoccurs during stressful moments, it is a clear sign of anxiety.Luckily, this phenomenon rarely results in some serious healthissues.

Sweating is often hand-in-hand withthe previous symptoms. Sweating manifests itself rapidly andsuddenly, whenever we feel stressed, angry or surprised in a negativeway. It is our body's reaction to mental or physical danger and,thereby, anxiety and stress are the most common triggers. The bestway of fighting this problem is to relax once you notice it coming.

Another manifestation, possiblycombined with the previous two is shaking. Namely, stressfulsituations may cause your hands and other body parts to tremble as ifyou were feeling cold. In such situations, it is important to keepcalm, since our body may trigger a panic attack so as to response tothe sensations our brain is receiving. If this reaction to stress andanxiety strikes you often, you may want to seek medical attention andsee how you can treat it before causing more serious side-effects.

Shortness of breath may be present aswell, and can be quite uncomfortable. The sufferer will not be ableto breathe correctly and sufficiently, resulting in panicking,possibly leading to a panic attack as well.

Sometimes, stress and anxiety may causenausea and vomiting. Even though these are not so severe reactions,their consequences are, since you lose a lot of water and are in riskof dehydration. Additionally, if you are prone to fainting, weaknessand stomach pain due to stress or anxiety exposure, it is best toseek medical attention an deal with this problem.

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