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Different Types of Stress

We are exposed to stress daily.However, there are the various types of this mental condition, all havinga different impact upon us and our health. Bearing this in mind, wemay experience stress while riding a motorcycle or running to catchsomething or get somewhere in time. This stress is practicallyharmless and is positive in that respect. On the other hand, somestress causes like failures, disappointments, worries and similar onesare negative in nature. Nevertheless, they usually last for a shortamount of time before disappearing. However, sometimes, we may gettroubled by these short spurs of stress for a longer period of time,feeling chronically worried about many things or constantly fearingsome negative outcomes. Finally, we may live with stress our wholelives, incapable of avoiding it. This stress is manifested throughmarriage you are dissatisfied with, or a job which frustrates youdaily. Namely, doing things you do not like for a very long timemakes you exposed to this, most devastating type of stress. Unlesscontrolled and dealt with, stress can cause various health problems,some more serious than others.

Impact of Stress Upon One's Life

More serious stress damage inflictedupon our both physical and mental well-being takes place due toexcessive activity of our “fight or flight response”. Since thetimes we were primitive and fought other animals for food andterritory, our brain has learned to provide our muscles with extrablood and our body with adrenaline in order to make our survivalpossible in such situations. Thus, even today, whenever we facedanger, we are able to react more quickly and skillfully than weusually do. Fear of death and injury makes us experience theadrenaline rush making it possible for us to avoid threats. However,if we suffer from chronic stress, our body perceives this as a lifethreatening situation. Thus, we are constantly in this fight orflight mode and this exhausts both our body and our mind. Ourdigestive system is neglected this way, since all the blood isfocused on our muscles, and this results in numerous healthcomplications in the long run.

Diabetes, some heart conditions anddifferent types of cancer, are just some of the worst case scenariosof stressful life. Additionally, we might suffer from obesity, hairloss, hyperthyroidism or ulcers. Finally, tooth decay, mentaldisorders and sexual dysfunctions all can be results of excessiveamounts of stress in our lives.

Finally, you can reduce stress in yourlife by being better organized, more calm and positive, and byspending time doing what you like and enjoy. Alternatively, you mightfind stress release in yoga, meditation, music, or some otheractivities. Also, if you think you cannot fight stress on your own,you might take professional psychotherapy into consideration.

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