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Stress, Per Se

We all know what stress is, and weusually consider it a negative trait of the human emotions and thesociety in general. However, stress can have more effects than one.Surely, excessive stress is bad for us since it causes adrenalexhaustion, over-alertness and many other problems which can evolveinto serious health issues. Yet, we cannot live without stress sincethen we would not be living at all. Where there are emotions, thereis stress. Therefore, it is always around us. So, we need to learnhow to cope with it well and get exposed to it only to a certain,healthy extent.

Use Stress To Your Advantage

Stress can be an excellent motivator,when “served in a proper dosage”. Namely, when facing differentproblems, our body releases hormones which help us deal with thesesituations the best possible way. Thus, when we face stress, adrenallevels rise and we are set in a “fight or flight” mode so that wecould cope with the potentially dangerous situations and return tonormal afterwards. Unfortunately, many of us are constantly nervousand perceive the world as an infinite set of troublesome tasks andexpectation. They are constantly exposed to stress and this kind ofstress can be destructive and heavily damaging for one's body andmind.

When we are exposed to good stress, weare happy and motivated. Bad stress, on the other hand, causes us tofeel sad, depressed and distressed, being tensed and worried all thetime. This negative way of life affects our health, nutrition,sleeping patterns and many other aspects of our lives.

Thus, if you can relax when nottroubled by obligations or problems, your stress levels are in abalance and, even though you can use stress constructively when inneed, you can shut it out once you do not need it.

However, if you are always alert andstressed, you need help. A good psychotherapy counseling can do thetrick. Nevertheless, you will need to participate and change yourperception of the world and yourself.

You will need to notice when you arestressed out. Then, you have to change your attitude and considerstress as means of achieving goals, which is a rewarding andconstructive skill. You must stay positive and enjoy life, solvingproblems during the day, sleeping like a baby during the night. Reactas soon as your stress levels seem to be preventing you from livingin a healthy manner.

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