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It's All Connected

We, as human beings, have a system of functioning. This system is made out of many different connections, all dependent on one another. So, everything mental and emotional related to our behavior is somehow connected to everything physical. Therefore, any excessive amount of mental stress or imbalance may reflect onto our physical state of being, making us ill. Amazingly, many people do not seem to accept this state of affairs and tend to deny it, claiming that their constant headaches have nothing to do with their stressful jobs, or how their stiff muscles and painful body parts have absolutely no connections with their lifestyles and their everyday frustrations. This is a great misconception, since everything is connected, especially our body and our mind. All daily tensions and shocks our brain endures, will surely reflect upon our emotions, which, again will have an impact onto our physical well-being, causing different health problems, some more serious than the others. So, do not deny what is obvious. Rather, read on to learn more about it.

Good Hormones – Bad Hormones

Our thinking and behavior depends greatly upon different chemical reactions and the hormones we produce. Taking that into consideration, every time we experience some distressing situations, our body releases a malignant hormone called cortisone, which makes us more prone to diseases by reducing the function of our immune system. Subsequently, each one of us has a weak spot which can be affected by cortisone. Every time you get excessively stressed out or frustrated, this hormone may decrease the functioning of your immune system, making you more prone to illnesses, which might affect different organs in your body, causing your health to deteriorate. In order to keep this negative chain reaction at bay, make sure you exercise regularly, and know many different stress removal techniques like yoga, meditation and similar, thereby being prepared once stress strikes and starts affecting your life and daily functioning.

Additionally, there is a small gland behind our breastbone. This gland is called thymus and is in charge of producing our white blood cells, thereby making us less prone to illnesses since it increases our body's defense against all health problems. However, each time we are nervous, frustrated, angry, depressed or anxious, this gland is affected and our white blood cell production is stopped. This results in a weaker immune system, making us far more prone to developing illnesses.

To conclude, everything is connected and every aspect of your mental well-being is bound to affect your bodily health and vice-versa. Thus, be very careful and make sure your life is well balanced and therefore, long and happy.

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