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Facts about Adrenal Fatigue

We all get stressed out from time to time. Difficulties at work, family issues and other life problems tend to get quite frustrating and exhausting. However, this stress should be treated by solving the issues, and getting proper rest and sleep. However, at times, we remain stressed no matter the circumstances and we are unable to relax completely even when with sufficient sleep. Living with constant stress can be devastating for both our mental and physical health. This condition is called adrenal fatigue and, if it remains present for too long, it might lead to adrenal exhaustion. Moreover, this problem can be triggered by many different factors. Besides stressful events in life and life problems in general, certain illnesses may lead to adrenal fatigue, producing excessive amounts of cortisol, a stress hormone, in our body.

Possible Causes of Adrenal Fatigue

Apart from the above mentioned mental and physical stress, various respiratory problems may lead to adrenal fatigue. Thus, pneumonia, bronchitis, infections, and other such problems may easily trigger and overuse our adrenal glands, leading to adrenal exhaustion harmful for our health.

Also, in these situations, we may even be prone to panic or anxiety attacks which can strike us at any possible moment, leading to breathing difficulties and various other complications.

All in all, living under constant “fight or flight” mode is not beneficial for one's health. Therefore, you need to recognize the right symptoms and learn how to give your adrenal glands a good rest. Of course coffee and other stimulants of this type do little to help you.

Further Effects of Adrenal Fatigue

Besides feeling nervous and irritable all the time, once troubled by excessive activity of our adrenal glands, we are bound to feel tired and listless. Moreover, we are more prone to overeating and obesity while in this mental state, also, our sex drive vanishes, we get prone to mood changes and feel week.

Thus, we need to treat this problem by seeking medical assistance as soon as we notice it is getting the best of us.

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