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The Definition of Stress

Basically, stress is our emotional, physical or mental response to certain things around us. Usually, stress takes place when we are helpless and incapable of coping with some difficulties which might be affecting us. However, stress can be useful, when happening solely at certain points, since it can make us more concentrated and help us perform better.

Excessive stress, due to various frustrations, makes our body perceive the situation we are in as potentially harmful. Thus, our brain sends signals to our hormones and many other aspects of our organism, setting us in a specific “mode” which is supposed to help us run away from problems we are facing or deal with them. Yet, since we usually do nothing but are negatively influenced by stress, in the long run, this leads to many health issues, some of which may trigger diseases and other complications.

There are many factors which make us stressed out. Nevertheless, the following list contains the strongest and the most powerful ones.

Most Prominent Stressors

Stressors are causes of chronic stress. These are situations or experiences we go through, ending up extremely stressed afterwards.

Death of a loved one is the most stressful event a person can face. Also, separation, divorces and other kinds of losses have a strong, destructive impact on people. Lack of money and financial issues add on to the list, along with relationship difficulties we might be facing. Work is another part of our life where we are likely to endure stress, bothered and pressured by deadlines and demands which are hard to meet. Sometimes, a hectic and disorganized life may be all we need for being stressed out on a daily basis. Finally, there are people who feel stressed due to their families, children or friends.

The Emotional Impact

All the things mentioned above, some more than others, take us by surprise and change our life completely. Therefore, we face devastation and loss of something or someone we held dear to our heart. This change leads to helplessness, anxiety, worry and unbearable amounts of pressure. Often, fear of losing something, like you job, is enough to make you stressed out every day.

Additionally, stress affects us once we are incapable of dealing with changes in our life, are overwhelmed by pessimism or bothered by our own perfectionist character. Therefore, we are the main triggers of stress, since the change happens within us, backed up by our emotions and attitudes, influenced by the external factors.

Having said that, once you are surrounded by supportive and caring people, who are positive and good natured, you are bound to be less exposed to stress. Also, meditation, relaxation techniques and other such methods are likely to help you deal with the negativity around you.

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