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Stress and Medicine

Stress is an everyday part of ourexistence. We become exposed to stress in various situations.However, some of these are reasonable and come and go, such as whenwe are anxious before an important event or some kind of a similaroccasion. In these cases, our adrenaline levels rise due toexcitement, our heartbeats increase in frequency, therefore speedingup our blood circulation and numerous hormonal and bodily actionstake place, making us less prone to injuries and more capable ofavoiding potential life-threatening situations. This reaction is apart of our old animal instinct, when we were in danger of being hurtphysically much more often than we are today. Anyway, the occurrenceof this situation now and then is acceptable since as soon as thestressful moment passes, our adrenaline levels drop and we return tonormal. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes, whenwe are overexposed to stress too often, for many different reasons,our adrenaline levels are high most of the time. This causes us to bein a state of over-awareness constantly, worried and frustrated,expecting some kind of an impending doom or other bad things tohappen, being alert for no reason. Being in this “fight or flight”state of our organism too often triggers the creation of ulcers,onset of cancers and many other problems. This is due to the factthat most of our blood gets transferred to our muscles instead ofcirculating throughout our body, supplying us with sufficient amountsof oxygen. Many other processes in our body are jeopardized this way,and, in the long run, stress causes it to deteriorate. Thus, we needto fight stress by all means necessary, enabling our resting mode tobe triggered again by our nervous system, helping our body torecuperate and stop any diseases or other health problems.

How to Remove Stress?

You need to know that stress is bad foryou. Thus, you should give your best not to succumb to it, but,rather, to remove its causes from your life. Avoid taking drugs orany other chemicals for these purposes. These will cause moreside-effects than help. Instead, focus on your lifestyle and modifyit, removing stress from it. Make sure you sleep enough, at least 8hours a night. Avoid junk food, drink plenty of water and eathealthy, focusing on introducing vegetables, fruits and essentialomega3 fatty acids into your diet. Also, exercise regularly, devoting30 minutes of your time, three times a week to your physical health.Additionally, learn how to have fun and enjoy life. If this meansgoing on a vacation with your family, do it right now. Know that yourhealth is the most important factor of your life, not your job orother people's demands.

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