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The Structure of Stress

Stress, being quite a complicated andcounter-productive state of mind has many different factors throughwhich it affects us. Namely, we are capable of experiencing stress invarious ways and there are different ways of this negative influence.Before you are capable of fighting stress, you need to know thesedifferent factors as well as different embodiments of stress ingeneral.

Physical Factors Related to Stress

Stress usually takes place during ourworking hours or some of our obligations. Deadlines, disobedience,problems, unexpected complications, lack of support, pressure andnegative feedback from your superiors, all can be behind the onset ofstress. However, when you get stressed out, you do not only becomenervous. Rather, there are many different actions which happen inyour body. Basically, you start feeling threatened since, forexample, each time someone is against you at work, your positionthere is more or less jeopardized. Your job, being the source of yourincome, is your safety. When this safety is questioned, you becomethreatened and get into the so-called, fight or flight mode. We haveinherited this mode from our ancestors who had to do the same whenthey were attacked by animals. In the same way, two choices areoffered to you too. You can either fight against the cause of thestress, or you can run away from it, literally. Your heart startsracing, adrenaline rushes through your blood, and most of your bloodis delivered to your muscles. Moreover you start sweating and feelthat your jaw is clenching and/or your head is starting to ache. Allthese are signs of stress.

However, unless there is a realprovocation going on, you do not need stress. Perhaps your superior istrying to advise you or give you constructive criticism. Do not reactharshly each time your ego is at stake. Rather, analyze and actwisely.

Other Stress Factors

Too much sugar in your blood, beingthere due to your improper diet, can lead to adrenal overload and,thereby stress. This way, you do not need any external stimulants inorder to be stressed out. So, be careful what you eat and avoidsweets, junk and refined food.

Additionally, there is the climate,influencing us all. During different times of the year we feeldifferently. Thus, know this and try to understand and control yourbehavior in such situations.

Finally, every stress damages usemotionally and just because we take all the factors seriously, weget stressed in the first place. Thus, keep your calmness, observe theworld as a stressful place and rise above the daily frustrations. Usemusic, therapy, hobbies, positive people, positive attitudes andother methods of “self preservation” in the hectic, stressfulworld you have to be the part of. However, while you are at it, neversuccumb to stress itself.

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