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Stress and the Impact It Has on ourLives

We are all prone to stress, ifadequate, or perhaps, inadequate, conditions are provided. Stress canbe both a good and a bad thing. Stress is good in situations where itmakes us more alert and capable of doing things we have never thoughtwe possibly could. For example, people who manage to surviveextremely dangerous accidents, or those who manage to run away from asituation of certain death, even though, in normal situations, theydo not run, let alone run that fast. Our brain knows when we are indanger and it releases this good stress in order to help us get awayfrom troubles.

However, there are situations when weare exposed to potential dangers for too long. Namely, good stresslasts for a short time and, once it has served its purpose, it isgone. However, once we lack the money we have to pay our bills, orare experiencing various other existential problems, we are in astate of prolonged stress, which is very harmful for us. Our braininterprets the pressure we are enduring as a dangerous,life-threatening state and releases hormones we need in order tofight or run away from them. However, since these instincts werecreated long before money and the problems of the modern may, theycannot help an individual deal with his/her stress problems.

Rather, excessive exposure to stresscauses one's body to deteriorate in time. When we are under stress,our heart beats faster, more blood runs through our system,especially our muscles and our blood pressure rises. In the long run,this state of the body and the mind is not healthy at all.

Problems of a Stressful Life

Overindulgence in stressful life,causes you never to cease to be exposed to stress. Thus, you arelikely to develop health conditions like digestive problems, asthma,heart issues and ulcers. In addition to that, stress causes other,less dangerous side-effects. Headaches, hair loss, nervousness,tension and frustration are just some of these.

All in all, stress is a dangerous thingto be let alone, destroying you from the inside. Therefore, you mustavoid stress and learn how to control it, once it affects you.

As soon as you notice stress gettingthe best of you, react. Learn how to reduce stress through meditationand other relaxation techniques. Yoga can be very helpful as well.Learn how to be free of stress and avoid all the hardships which gohand-in-hand with it.

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