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Stress is one of the things that can seriously affect yourhealth. However, everyone is able to deal with it and avoid harmful consequencesit might bring. Stress management is achievable and you can learn what to do instressful situations and how to eliminate causes of stress in your everydaylife.

Many believe that they will be happy only when they achievesomething they wanted for a long time. But, once they do that, there is anothergoal and another one after that. These people spend their whole lives thinking abouthappiness and never actually being happy. Some things are important and youshould set certain goals for yourself, but happiness is not something you canaccomplish in this way, but is rather a state of mind. Happiness means that you can choose tofeel that way no matter what happens in your life, in spite all the stress orany unexpected events.

How To Manage Stress?

For everyone suffering from stress there is some good news -ABC technique really works. First of all, you need to take into considerationthe reaction of your body to stress. Usually, stressful situation causes subtleor not so subtle changes in our physical and mental being. Many people will noticethat they start to breathe shallow when exposed to any kind of stress. Emotionalreactivity is yet another response to stress we are all very prone to. So, whatcan you do?

A – Acknowledge whatever it is you are feeling. Allow yourselfto feel and simply recognize that in yourself. Don’t judge yourself because you haven’tdone anything wrong. This is your own body reacting to something going onaround or inside you. It is completely okay to feel angry, hurt or frustrated andyou should allow yourself to feel that way. This will actually help you dealwith stress in a more positive way.

B stands for breathing. Remember to breathe when you are feelingstressed. Take a deep breath and imagine releasing the tension from your body.

C – Choose your reaction to a stressful situation you arefaced with.

Eliminate Stress Causes

Change your habits to eliminate the stress. You can’t avoidfacing the stress but you can change how you react to it. Use the ABC methodand manage every stressful situation in your life. Practice every day and itwill become your second nature. They say we all need just 3 weeks or 21 days toinstall new habits. Perform the ABC stress management for 21 days and it willhelp you feel calmer, more peaceful and also happier.

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