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Water jogging, also known as aqua jogging, is a great aerobic exercise in shallow water, often performed in the swimming pool. The water jogging is a type of resistance training and one of the greatest ways to boost the effects of treadmill running. When the person runs in the water, the same muscles are being used as if the running was performed on the solid ground. However, the water eliminates the common wear and tear effect of running on the body and reduces the chances of any injury. This type of training is especially good for people who are recovering from an injury, elderly population, pregnant women and all those who want to add some fun in their exercise routine, and make the workout more comfortable.
Benefits of water jogging
As already mentioned, water jogging is a great low-imact exercise that can help to deal with injuries, but it also works fine in preventing any future injury. This type of training is especially good for professional athletes, since it allows them to recover completely without ever sacrificing their fitness level. Exercising in the swimming pool, the body suffers resistance on all sides, which forces different groups of muscles to work equally. Water jogging is, therefore, a full fitness solution that builds up strength while making great cardiovascular benefits.
Water jogging equipment
In addition to swimming suit, there is something more one could get before starting the workout. Water jogging equipment may help to enhance the workout and get better results. Swimming fins, for example, are great way to increase the resistance on the leg muscles. Flotation device is also very helpful to improve the buoyancy of the body. It helps to make movements more fluid while keeping the head and torso above the water. This actually means that flotation device has to be used whenever the exercise takes you to the deeper water. Foot cuffs can also add some resistance to the leg muscles, while some other accessories such as goggles, swim caps and nose plugs, protect from water and make the training more comfortable.
How to perform water jogging
As any other physical exercise, water jogging should begin with a warm-up sequence. The best way to warm the body and prepare it for the additional effort is to dip into the pool and just swim around for a couple of minutes. Water jogging is performed in a bit deeper water where the feet can touch the ground. The practitioners will commonly use the floating device and simulate the running on the ground while trying to keep the body straight up in the pool. The exercise is performed well if a person simulates normal running and doesn’t engage hands.

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