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Step Aerobics

Step Aerobics is a form of aerobic exercise that involves the use of an elevated platform also known as “the step”. It t is practiced worldwide by millions of people because it offers a great cardio workout for which one does not need any expensive equipment. To practice step aerobics one should obtain a good pair of sneakers, a small portion of free space and an aerobic stepping platform.

Advantages of step aerobics

As already stated, equipment for step aerobics is very easy on the wallet and easy to obtain. Any household item that can provide a raised platform is equally suitable for exercise as a fitness platform. Another advantage of step aerobics is that it is a low impact activity, which does not require much physical coordination or being in good shape.

It is suitable for beginners as well as for people who regularly work out. It does not put too much pressure on the joints, and thus it is much better aerobic solution than running or jogging. The platform used for step aerobics intensifies the workout - extra energy is expended when stepping on and off the platform. Last but not the least, step aerobics is fun and it is normally performed with musical accompaniment.

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercises are continuous rhythmic exercises that require use of large groups of muscles. The goal of the exercise is to elevate the heart rate and increase body’s consumption of oxygen. In step aerobics, suggested tempo ranges from 125 to 140 heart beats per minute, based upon the skill levels of the participator. The exercise strengthens the heart muscle and conditions the heart, lungs and cardiovascular system.

Basic step aerobics

Suggested heart rate for step aerobics beginners is something between 118 -122 beats per minute. Here are descriptions of three basic step aerobics steps.A-stepThis step is performed by stepping first one foot then the other on top of the step, and then stepping the first foot and then the other back to the floor. Described movement should look a lot like the alphabet "A".CharlestonTo perform a Charleston move, place the stepper on the floor so it is longer side to side than it is front to back. Stand at the right end of the step facing the right front corner of the room. Step up with the left foot and kick the right leg as high as possible without bending the back. Try to keep the knee as straight as possible. Put the right foot back without touching the step, and take the left foot off the step and reach back behind.DiagonalStand along the length of the stepper and put the left food in the middle of it. Put the right foot at the top left of the stepper. Place the left foot on the floor close to the corner of the stepper, diagonally opposite to the starting position. Place the right foot adjacent to the left step.

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