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Aqua aerobics or water aerobics is a light physical exercise performed in a swimming pool. This type of exercise is performed as a part of resistance training, often in shallow water. This training is commonly used to learn new motor skills, to get a training effect, to improve functional capacity or to improve performance. Water aerobics is a low impact fitness program suitable even for the elderly population or persons recovering from an injury. It is also a great starting point even for the absolute beginners in fitness.
Benefits of aqua aerobics
As any other type of aerobic training, aqua aerobics combines rhythmic exercise, stretching rhythmic movements in water. This way, the training works on flexibility, muscular strength and cardio-vascular fitness. Aqua aerobics is very relaxing and often performed in-group and with music. This type of exercise is very safe since the water supports the body and reduces the risk of strains and injuries. By practicing aqua aerobics, individuals may also benefit from the increased range of motion, which is extremely important for older people. Another great benefit is that water constantly cools the body, preventing the possible overheating. One does not even have to be swimmers to take participate in water aerobics. The only bad point about this exercise program is that it requires an access to the swimming pool, which can be very expensive.
Water aerobics equipment
Starting this fitness program is not hard at all. The first and the most important thing is to provide the access to the swimming pool. In addition to a simple swimming suit and perhaps a protective hat, one should obtain some of the equipment that may help to ease the exercises and get the maximum benefit from training.
Water weights or dumbbells are a great addition to standard water aerobic training. This type of equipment supports the body’s stability on top of the water and maximizes the effects of cardio workout.
Bar float is used to easily keep the body afloat in water. Bar floats are essential for elderly, beginners, and people who do not feel comfortable in the water. In addition to maximum safety, these bars are great for leg exercises.
Flotation belts are great in combination with water weights, since they perfectly support the back and prevent any kind of back problems.
Aqua runners are for advanced training, used for leg exercises, to put the additional pressure on legs and improve strength in the lower body.
Water noodles are another fun addition to aquatic workout, used for therapy, flotation or play.

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