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High impact aerobics

Advanced Working Out

High impact aerobics is basically a discipline incorporating numerous advanced aerobic exercises, concentrating on the more physically demanding ones. Fast-paced walking or running are both disciplines which belong to this group. However, there are other activities like this, all belonging to this category. Many of us are aware that we need physical exercise in order to lose weight and maintain our fitness. This exercise can be a part of your everyday life like climbing the stairs, working around the house etc. Nevertheless, we can concentrate on workouts with higher intensity such as high impact aerobics, which will involve many muscles of our body, all at once, and lead to a quick and efficient loss of extra pounds and achieving the desired physical shape.

A Thing or Two about Aerobics

Even though many are already familiar to this discipline, it involves a series of physical exercises, often engaging our body as a whole. Exercises are performed by following music since rhythm is very important while following the intensive pace of any aerobic training. This type of exercising is classified as an excellent cardiovascular exercise, speeding up one's metabolism and blood flow through his/her body. This way, more oxygen is delivered throughout our organism, making the exercising experience even better. It helps us with obtaining and maintaining an ideal posture, perfect muscles and a strong and healthy heart. Moreover, by doing these exercises, we are bound to lose calories fast. This is even more so if we opt for high impact aerobics, which offer all these benefits, amplified.

In fact, high impact aerobics focuses on a training which involves people doing exercises which force them to lift their feet high off the ground simultaneously. Through these high paced disciplines, like kick boxing, fast-paced walking, jogging and running, as well as many other incorporated into high impact aerobic, one is guaranteed to lose more than one hundred calories in an hour.

Which One Is Better?

Basically, both aerobics are good. However, each one has its own benefits, when compared to the other. Namely, high impact aerobics offer faster and more prominent results. At the same time, low impact aerobics are safer since they do not involve lifting your feet off the ground and are far less demanding. The best solution is combining the two. One should start his or her aerobics exercise routine with a warm-up involving low impact aerobics, and, as he/she goes through the workout sequence, switching over to high impact aerobics later. This way, the transition will be less radical and our body will be more prepared for the strenuous, yet highly productive effect of high impact aerobics.  

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