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Exercising can be performed in many different ways and each of those forms brings some benefits to the body. Water aerobic exercises are something not so new in the workout world, but it has been perfected lately so it presents a great method for elimination of excessive pounds.

Water method

This is one of the best methods for losing weight, with the help of dieting, of course. As far as diet goes, it should not be strict and rigorous, because water exercising burns a lot of calories. This diet should be based on 1500 calories for women and 2000 calories for men in a daily menu. There are 5 meals, which combine veggies, fruits and meat in a proper combination of carbs, proteins and fats. Water aerobic exercises are very effective and both men and women can use them. The advantage of this workout is in a fact that risk of injury is reduced to a minimum, which is especially emphasized when it comes to joints and muscles which are usually injured while working out outside the water. People with extreme obesity are more prone to injuries than others.

Water aerobic exercises will also develop proper breathing; exchange of gases will also be increased, as well as elasticity of the entire body. Cardio workout is the base of the water session and that is why fat burning process will definitely start. And not only that, this is a great workout for all those who have problems with cellulite. These exercises include forms usually done with classic aerobics (including phases of warming up and stretching). The point of water aerobic exercises is in resistance done by water. This resistance is nothing big but it affects the entire surface of the body in water, and that is why a lot of energy is needed for performing any movement in water.

A session

Water session can be very different, it can be based only on things like walking and jogging, or it can include performing certain aerobic exercises, while the body is in the water up to waist, torso or neck. If the entire body is in water, this requires performing constant motions for the head to be kept above the surface. This is the key for losing a lot of fat tissue while in water. Also, there is temperature of the water. The cooler, the better. Of course, it should not be freezing, far from it, but it should not be warm either. This is required because body will use additional energy to warm up the body to the normal temperature and that burns some more calories, of course.

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