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Loosing weight during period is much harder if the women get older and loose their period. The fact is, it is indeed much harder to loose weight for women who has no period and are over 45.


Women in certain age, who are not having period any more, often get overweight (for about 10 to 15 pounds over then usual). And in general, keeping the same weight as during menopause is hard with post-menopause women. There are certain rules involved here. Young women have extra weight on thighs and hips. Stomach extras are reserved for middle aged and older women. And it goes 1 pound extra every year on stomach of every woman. Due to a tendency of gaining weight in older age, it is vital to limit calorie intake as it is, day to day.

Weight Watchers

There is a program in UK called Weight Watchers that is very popular and effective program for women who want to loose weight in certain age. The program is based on counting calorie intake. Weight Watchers promote enjoying but not depriving herself from a good food. It is about changing a life style entirely, making a good choice and eat lightly.

Working Out

It is important to exercise a little more then usual bit by bit. Exercises aid bone structure and improve heart’s health. While exercising, endorphin is released and lowers the risk for heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis etc. Therefore it is good to:

Stay Focused: It is important for women of this age to become more committed to a loose weight goal. Commitments include focusing on the idea and following the steps. Walking: Walking is also important: more walking the better. Any fitness program improves with walking habits. There are many senior people who walk out there and finding walking partner is not such a bad idea. Weight Training: A weight lifting is wonderful because of osteoporosis. Weight lifting densest the bones and fortifies bony structure. A weight lifting practices a muscle tissue. Right weight lifting training may help loosing fat.

The Goals

The goal is to loose weight. Every woman need to stick to this goal. There are so called little goals that can help perform the main goal, and that is loosing weight. Every woman needs to set up her own mini goals. Every little loose weight goal cuts off a bit of the weight. Patience is crucial. Woman needs to have a food plan to hold on to and to do exercises every day. And calories and fat will disappear. In older age, the loose weight process takes more time. Any time invested in exercise and diet is worth spending, and that is a fact.

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