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Exercising shoulders is very important. Most of the people going into the gym tend to forget the importance of building strong shoulder muscles. Shoulders are involved in almost every movement of the arms. Having strong shoulders is not only good looking but it also helps to increase sports performance. Shoulder exercises are important in all ages. Regular physical exercise can also slow the loss of muscle mass that normally occurs with aging. There are four different groups of muscle in the shoulders: the front deltoid, the side deltoid, the rear deltoid, and the trapezius. Exercises that target deltoids are responsible for wide muscular look of the shoulder and most of the exercisers are focused only on this muscle. However, it is very much important to engage all of the muscles in the shoulders and try not to over-train. Over-training results in fatigue instead of strength and firmness. Here are some great shoulder exercises. Beginners should start with one or two exercises and do up to two sets of up to 16 repetitions. As they advance in training they can increase the number of exercises, sets and repetitions.

Overhead Barbell Press

This exercise is performed in standing position with a heavy weight. The exerciser holds a bar with hands that are spread just a little bit than shoulder-width apart. The exercise starts by bringing the bar up to forehead level, while the elbows bend. The weight is slowly moved backwards, over the head while the back stays strong and flat. The weight slowly moves back to the starting position. This exercise is repeated for up to 3 sets and 16 repetitions. It is important to take a couple seconds of break between the sets.

Reverse Fly

This is a great exercise for shoulders and muscles of the upper back. The exerciser will need two lighter weights to perform this exercise. Light-medium dumbbells are great choice for this exercise that starts in a seated position. The exerciser is bent over with arms hanging down and weights below the knees. The arms are lifting out to the sides up to the shoulder level, the elbows are slightly bent and lift only to shoulders. The exerciser lowers the arms and repeats again.

Overhead Press

For this exercise one needs dumbbells and the exercising ball. The exerciser sits on the ball with the back straight and feet flat on the floor. The elbows are bet and the weights are positioned next to the ears. The exerciser lifts the weights and presses them over the head. The exerciser lowers the weights to the level of the ears and repeats for a couple of sets.

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