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In order to lose weight efficiently, safely and quickly, one will more than likely need to undertake some basic cardio exercises. The word cardio refers to the heart, and essentially cardiovascular exercises promote the development of a healthy, efficient heart. This article will look to provide information on some of the best and most effective cardiovascular exercises, which should help you to achieve or maintain your desired body shape.

Running, skipping and swimming

Running is a great aerobic workout. Running can be done on a treadmill or outside in the open air. However, make sure that you have the appropriate footwear when running, as not to do so can possibly lead to injury. Running for twenty minutes can lead to a burning of up to ninety calories.

Skipping is a great way to work out. Not much equipment or space is required, and it gives the whole body an excellent workout. It is fast paced, and has positive effects for the whole body. Admittedly, skipping does require practice, but once you master the skills, you will begin to burn a lot of calories and develop muscles in the proper manner. About 200 calories can be burned in twelve minutes of skipping, which makes it even more efficient than running.

Swimming can help greatly with flexibility and strength, as well as providing a good cardiovascular workout. Thirty minutes of breaststroke swimming can burn about 270 calories. Swimming might also help your metabolism.

Other forms of exercise

There are many other great ways to lose weight. Boxing is one such method. However, care must be taken to avoid injury, so if necessary, hire a trainer. Step aerobics can also provide cardiovascular benefits. A thirty minute session of step aerobics can burn about 400 calories. Weight will mainly be lost from the thigh, hips and butt in this form of exercise.

Dancing and bicycling are two other great ways to lose weight. Dancing is fun and many different types of dance can be undertaken and practiced. Cycling will generally result in the loss of lower body weight, and can also be performed indoors on an exercise bike.

When exercising in these ways, make sure to warm up prior to commencing the exercise. Stay hydrated, and if you are performing different types of cardio exercise, be sure to take a two minute rest between each. If necessary, try to include some weight training exercises in your regime, and, of course, maintain a healthy diet in addition to this.

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