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Weight reduction process is just one step towards the final goal, which is a fit and healthy organism. It is true that many people never reach that level, in spite of great effort, but that does not mean that the methods for weight loss should not be applied.

Losing fat tissue

Fat elimination is a major thing that should be done for successful loss of pounds. This is achieved with the help of fat burning process, which is activated with the help of diets and exercising. Both those things, in their own way, increase the rate of basal metabolism and fat burning process is a part of metabolism. Simply explained, the intake of fewer calories than needed when dieting and performing exercising that spend calories creates a deficiency of energy in the body, which has to be compensated. That happens with fat burning process that results in the release of additional energy. Losing weight is one thing, it can be successful with some effort, but really a lot of effort is needed to make the body attractive and fit. For a start, that requires elimination of all fat tissue, which is hard enough, but there is another problem. Usually, after the fat is gone, especially if obesity was extreme, a lot of excessive skin is literally left hanging. The only way to eliminate that problem is with a help of surgery.

Fat and skin

Body areas that are especially affected with this problem are stomach and upper arm. In the arm area, excessive skin is usually located in triceps region. But, the candidates for upper arm lift are not only those who have lost a lot of weight. Usually, older people and people with family history of similar problems might also have a need for this procedure. The upper arm lift needs a general, total anesthesia, and it starts with incision in the elbow area towards the armpit. Even though the incision is made in the area that is least exposed, some scarring is inevitable, although considering the results, and it is a small price to pay. It is a relatively simple procedure, which does not require more than two weeks of initial recovery. As for scars, several months are needed for those to disappear or to become barely visible. The only problem with this procedure is that it is usually not covered by the health insurance, so it has to be paid completely and that is not something many can afford.

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