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There is a treatment option forthose who are troubled with tired looking eyes for some time. It is called eyelift and it is a very popular procedure these days, especially in the U.S. Thisplastic surgery involves skin pulling and tightening in the eye area with thehelp of invisible incisions. As we have said, this is a very popular procedure,maybe the most popular plastic procedure that can reverse the aging effectamong males and females. Upper eyelids skin can be filled with wrinkled folds,or there may be present a bag under the eyes, or the sagging eyebrows aremaking you look old and tired. These are the reasons why this surgery can bedone. It will make the eye look attractive and their symmetry will definitelyimprove.

This surgery can change your appearance, which you could have donewithout the eye lift surgery. The surgery we are talking about is commonly donein order to remove excess fat and skin located on lower or upper eyelids. Thissurgery can also remove the effects of ptosis, or dropping eyelids condition.The price of this surgery varies and it depends on several factors, such asseverity of the problem, surgeon, used technology and location. Professionalswho are trained and can perform this surgery are general plastic, generalophthalmologist, dermatologist and ocuplastic surgeon.

Cost of the Eye Lift Surgery

If you are planning to undergothis procedure, you will have to pay for medications, post and pre-operativeevaluations, postsurgical enhancement (which is optional), disposable material,sterile material, rent for office and surgical facilities, maintenance of thetechnical and surgical equipment, anesthesia fee and surgeons cost. These arethe most common costs, but you may also have to pay physiological costs,attempts to cover the swelling or bruising and recovery time. The mentionedphysiological cost includes the potential sessions that can help you toaccustom to your new looks. In the following text, we will see about thecharges of this surgery, which can be performed on both eyelids.

Average Costs

You will have to pay 2100$ forupper eyelid surgery, while 2400$ are needed for lower eyelid surgery. Thetotal of this surgery goes around 2000 to 7000$ and most of it goes to asurgeon, around 2600$. You will also need from 400 to 600$ for anesthesia.These are additional costs, such as surgical suite fees (which are around 500$for a single procedure, and from 800 to 1000$ for the both eyelids). The costof the surgery will also be impacted by facility, location and technology usedfor the surgery. This is a procedure that most insurance companies will probablynot approve, since it is not a medical necessity. You can get full or partcover if you are trying to get rid of the ptosis, which is a problem that cancause vision problems. The eye lift surgery is very safe and after theprocedure, swelling and bruising may occur. This can be reduced with the helpfrom cold compress.

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