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It is painfully obviousfor some people that weight cannot be lost so easily. This is because somediets and/or physical activity have to be properly applied, which is somethingthat many people do not understand and ask - why I'm not losing weight? Andthen, they admit that they did not follow dieting rules precisely, that theyate something that is not allowed, or that they did not exercising properly, ifexercising was present at all.

Types of diet

Fast diets should befollowed to the letter because they are meant to help with losing a lot ofweight in a very short period. This means that the amount of allowed caloriesis set at a very low level and that is something many people cannot followproperly. This means that this type of diet is inducing a fat burning process.The problem is, when something rich with glucose is eaten, glucose is insertedwith food and fat burning process stops.

The other type of dietis healthy and balanced menu, rich with all nutrients, but those nutrients mustbe taken in a certain ratio. Carbohydrates should be taken mostly, then comeproteins while fats are at the last place and must be taken minimally. Whenthere is some additional fat that has to be reduced, reducing one of thosenutrients will start a fat burning process. But, it will happen with a slightdifference between energy needed and energy taken, which is a lot safer andhealthier than with fast diets. Actually, some experts say that a true dietwould include both types of diets.

Proper exercising

The only problem withexercising is in the fact that people tend to get disappointed quickly if theresults are not visible in a short time. That is something that must not beallowed, especially if there is a lot of weight that has to be eliminated. Forsuccessful loss of the fat tissue, cardio exercises should be performed; thosethat do not require much strength, so the duration of the exercising can bevery long, which is essential for fat elimination.

Supplements should alsobe used because those products can increase fat loss greatly. Supplements canbe natural, in form of teas and herbal products, and those might be the bestsolution when it comes to additional help. Green tea is the best example ofthose products.

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