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Creating slim and fit body is by some considered to be more difficult that just building muscles. Muscles can be bulked up with so many different exercises, with or without weight, with supplements or even without those. Being fit without too much bulking does require some additional tweaking. Either way, building muscles or a slim body requires elimination of all excessive fat tissue in the body.

Belly fat

Well, belly fat does represent a problem for both men and women. Even though belly fat is emphasized more in men, women tend to have similar problem, which is bigger for them than for men, simply because they worry about the looks more than men do. Also, men who have obesity problem eat too much and that widens the intestinal diameter, which is why their stomach looks a lot bigger. This is one of the reasons that makes the elimination of belly fat look impossible.


Does belly fat reduction formula revolve around exercising and diet, just like all other obesity problems? Of course it does. Exercising will provide activation of basal metabolism and together with some low carb diet, fat burning process might start. Diets should be appropriate to the level of obesity. It is obvious that severe cases should start with a bit more intensive, strict diet, that will burn fat a bit more. This is also important because exercises are not always recommendable, especially in extreme cases, when there is real danger of heart issues to happen. Still, the diets should not forget the fact that we need basic nutrients for normal functioning and those have to be included in a diet, even though the amounts are reduced. The nutrient that is usually reduced is carbohydrates, but it is important to know that some minimum has to be taken because brain utilizes only glucose that comes from carbs. For belly fat, it is recommended to drink water, to use vitamin C as much as allowed, and selenium, too.

Exercises can be very mild, a simple walk for example. This particular activity does not burn a lot of calories, but it is excellent for those who cannot start with intensive exercising. For a start, cardiovascular exercises are all that is needed, nothing more. Additional weights are not needed; there is plenty of that in excessive fat tissue. Whatever, the type of exercise is used, it is important to keep the organism active for maintaining the continual fat burning process. As for the belly fat, it should be treated as any other extra weight in the organism. Working out abs is recommendable, but what actually helps more is physical activity that includes all body regions.

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