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Arm Liposuction

Many people undergo arm liposuction because they are not able to eliminate fat tissue from this part of the body with diet or exercises. Even if one successfully manages to eliminate the fat from this body part there may be extra skin left which is not so appealing. This is why elimination of fat tissue is not the only goal of arm liposuction. This procedure also helps in better tonicity of the upper arms.

The process of aging and obesity are the leading causes of fat accumulation in upper part of the arms. Flabby upper arms affect both genders and the problem is mainly aesthetic.

Arm Liposuction Procedure

Arm liposuction lasts approximately 2 hours. It is performed under local anesthesia. This surgical procedure includes skin insertion of a cannula, a tube which can be easily inserted into the body. A cannula is typically used for removal or delivery of the fluids in the body. What follows is suction of the excessive fat tissue from the arms. After the procedure the cut on the arms is sewed.

Compression of the operated area is required for a few days. Draining of the excessive fluid lasts up to 48 hours. There is no need for excessive compression as it may only cause swelling on forearms and/ or hands. The dressing contains absorbent pads and elastic non-adhesive ace-type bandages. The dressing can be easily changed even by the very patient. The patient's condition improves rapidly within a few days after the surgery.

Arm liposuction surgery is minimally invasive surgical procedure. This means that damage to the skin is minimal and even swelling and scarring are minor comparing to other surgeries.

One more option for removal of fat tissue from the arms is laser arm liposuction. This is a new technique and apart from melting of the fat laser arm liposuction also tightens the skin and increases its tonicity.

Recovery Time after Arm Liposuction

The entire recovery of patients who have undergone arm liposuction lasts approximately 4 to 5 weeks. Right after the surgical procedure patients may feel slight discomfort, heaviness or soreness of the operated area. The doctors advise patients to rest for at least 5 days after liposuction. Patients are also advised to wear a compression sleeve around the arms. Compression sleeves are supposed to be worn for 4 weeks. During this period of time patients should avoid strenuous activities which involve their arms. Swelling and bruising are regular side effects of the surgery and they withdraw completely. The scars do not disappear but, they become almost invisible in a few months.

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