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The upper arm area is a problematic one and one of the most embarrassing areas to gain fat, since it is difficult to hide it, especially in the summer.

As we age, not only do we tend to gain weight due to general inactivity, but also the skin starts to loosen and the result are flabby, unattractive arms.

This is particularly painful for women, who sometimes have to give up on cute dresses with straps, tank tops and t-shirts with cup sleeves. There is no room for despair, since there are some simple and useful tips for losing that unappealing upper arm fat.

They are not easy and they require dedication and persistence, but the results that will soon follow will be motivation enough.

Changing one\'s eating habits is the first step in every efficient weight-loss method. There are some ingredients that are not welcome if we want to lose fat. Those are, above all, sugar and fat products. Fatty meat, fried food, candies, and soda will have to go. Some who wants to lose weight should replace these foods with protein rich food like fish, vegetables, fruit and whole-grain products. Meals should be prepared at home, with fresh and healthy ingredients. The market today offers a wide variety of “100 calorie” snacks in case a person craves a little something between the meals. They are also available in organic form.

Drinking lots of water is a good idea. Water creates a sensation of a full stomach and thus reduces the appetite, it helps clear toxins out of the body and is vital for many bodily functions. The recommended amount of water is at least 64 ounces per day.

The other vital element for losing upper arm fat is exercise. This means full body workouts as well as targeted exercises, along with an effective and complete training routine with cardio exercise.

For those who are not fond of gyms, walking is a simple, cheap and fun way to burn calories. Carrying two 5 pound weights while walking will increase the effect of this exercise and will help tone the arms. Power walking or fast walking is also an excellent workout since it stimulates the metabolism and accelerates fat burning processes in the body.

With a set of five-pound weights everyone can do basic exercises in the comfort of their own home. Arm curls with weights are very effective for losing upper arm fat, and they are simple. The arm is held in front of the body, straight in the elbow, holding the weight in hand. The elbow is then bent and hand goes up to the shoulder. This is repeated at least ten times in several cycles, depending on individual strength.

Push ups are an excellent exercise that involve several muscle groups, including the upper arm. Another useful method is doing arm circles. They are practical, because they don’t require additional equipment and can be done anytime anywhere, so there is no room for excuses like not having enough time for exercising.

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