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Introduction to Body Lift

Body lift is a type of plastic surgery. Its goal is to shape and increase the tone of the skin and underlying tissues. Excess of sagging fat and skin are removed which is highly necessary for the skin to regain its elasticity and better appearance. The surgery is performed in people who simply cannot achieve suitable look just by dietary changes and regular exercise. It is also performed in people who have lost a lot of weight and whose skin has become loosen and baggy.

Body lift procedures may be performed on many body areas including abdominal area (locally or together with a body lift of the sides of the abdomen and lower part of the back), buttocks, groin area and thighs.

Body Lift - the Very Procedure

Body lift is performed under general anesthesia. The doctor needs to be familiar with any allergy a patient is suffering from and pay attention not to administer these medications. The surgeon also needs to be familiar with medical history of a patient and he/ she chooses suitable candidates for the surgery. Not all people are suitable for this type of surgery and the evaluation is very important for each and every patient.

The pattern and length of incision lines basically depend on the operated area and the amount of the skin which is going to be removed. Some patients undergo both, body lift and liposuction so that the results can be best possible. Incision lines are closed by sutures, skin adhesives or tapes. The results are visible almost instantly but, the real picture can be obtained only after certain period of time which may vary from patient to patient.

Risks and Complications of Body Lift

Prior the surgery proper consultation with a surgeon gives excellent insight in all possible risks and complications. These must be taken into consideration together with benefits. The surgeon is due to inform a patient about the very procedure and fully inform him/ her about everything that may go wrong.

Body lift procedure carries several risks. General complications include bleeding, infections and swelling. Some people may face unfavorable scarring, major wound separation or poor wound healing. There is also a risk of blood clots, deep vein thrombosis and cardiac or pulmonary complications. The body lift procedure also carries a risk associated with anesthesia and certain number of patients may complain about persistent pain or numbness of the operated area. The surgery may lead to body asymmetry and recurrent looseness of the skin.

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