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Fat elimination is a process of reducing the volume of fat cells in the fatty tissue. Doctors say, that only volume reduction is possible with fat cells, which is why it is important not to gain any more weight, if obesity is already an existing problem. There are also many medical problems that can emerge from chronic obesity.

Problematic areas

Some body regions might prove to be a bit more difficult to shape up, at least when it comes to elimination of fat tissue and muscle toning. This means that some additional effort is needed to perfect these areas. Of course, the most important region is the abdominal area. Belly fat is something that is not easily eliminated, simply because fat usually accumulates there more than in the rest of the body. This is especially emphasized in men, although women might have similar problems, especially after pregnancy.


It is not easy to lose belly fat regardless of the gender, and the complexity of the plan for fat tissue elimination depends on several things, such as current weight of the person, muscle to fat ratio, overall physical condition, eating habits etc. When it comes to people who cannot find free time for some exercising, the diet is all that is left to do. There are fast diets, which can reduce a lot of weight in a relatively short time. The only problem here is that people usually return those lost pounds after a while. One thing has to be understood here - fast diet will help but only if it is followed with some healthy and balanced, follow up diet, which should be used until all of the excessive weight is gone.

A light exercise that could be done without any sweating and physical stress is pulling the stomach in and holding it like that for a while, actually as long as possible. This contraction, after a period of time, will help create a flatter stomach. Even though physical activity is not an option for some people, taking long walks, since it will definitely burn some calories and help shape the body.

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