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It is very important to be physically active as much as our lives allow that. Basically, we are animals, made of muscles, bones and organs, and for a better and why not say it - longer life, all those elements should be in a good shape and strong too. How is that achieved?

Being physically active does not require much, all that is needed is will and some space. Good thing about exercising is that it can be performed at home, so no time should be wasted for going to the gym and back, and some money can be saved too. Still, going to a gym or home workout depends on what we want to do with our bodies. Getting strong and fit can be achieved at home, but bulking up effect requires some workout stations and that is something that usually cannot be placed in houses or apartments.

Home workout

For all those who do not have sufficient time for a gym, home workout is an excellent thing. There are many exercises that can be performed in a small space. If really needed, some additional weight can be used in a form of dumbbells. There is also another good exercise that should not be missed – chin up bar exercise, although for that a bar positioned at a needed height is needed. And, that is all. All that is left is exercising. The chin up bar exercise is performed with grabbing the bar with hands and pulling up, until the chin is at the level higher than the bar is. This is one of the most difficult exercises because the entire weight of the body is held and pulled up with hands only.

Chin up bar exercise should be performed with the use of arms only, but there is also a technique that includes body jerking for pulling up easily. That second form also puts focus on torso, and even legs. The position of hands can be altered. They can be put wide for emphasizing pecs, or narrow, for focusing the arms, triceps more specifically. Also, palms can be pointed up or down, which also changes the exercise. Even abdominal muscles can be worked out with chin up bar exercise, by doing side pull ups. Also, back muscles can be focused with pulling up and putting the head in front of the bar, not behind it.


It is obvious that this exercise can do a lot for a practitioner, but it is also important to follow some basic dieting rules. Do not use junk food, because there is nothing really nutritious about it, a lot of vitamins and minerals are also needed.

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